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Film Market

Be among the first to discover emerging filmmakers and fresh, innovative storytelling. The British Films Market often features new and exciting talent, giving you a preview of the next big names in cinema.

Meet with filmmakers, distributors, and sales agents to explore potential distribution deals and collaborations. Discover new content for your distribution pipeline and expand your network.

The British Films Market often serves as a platform for co-production discussions. If you're interested in co-producing films, this event offers opportunities to find like-minded partners.


Stay updated on the latest advancements in film technology, production techniques, and storytelling innovations. Learn how the industry is evolving and adapt to emerging trends.

Attending The British Films Market is a unique opportunity to explore the world of cinema, network with industry professionals, and discover new and exciting talent. Whether you're a film enthusiast, distributor, producer, or industry expert, this event offers something for everyone passionate about the art of filmmaking.

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