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Film Industry Professionals

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Every year global distributors descend on the BFM Expo in London to connect and make deals with small independent filmmakers from all over the globe who are looking to find homes for their films. 

Casting Directors

Are you casting your next project? Come and meet artists and agents in person at the BFM.

Acting Agent

Are you looking to expand your portfolio? At BFM you will meet some of the most talented actors in the industry looking for representation. Be the first to spot their talent and take them on.

Movie Producer

The BFM is the ideal place for you to meet and create deals with potential partners. Whether it be distribution or production driven, our network will provide you the solutions to the challenges you face in making and distributing your project.

OTT Distribution

We welcome OTT Distributors with wide ranging as well niche content requirements. As a member of BFM you will have access to a vast catalogue of independent films from various genres that will provide your platform with the content you need to stay ahead of the competition.

TV Network

Be the first to showcase the worlds up and coming filmmakers on your networks. Our filmmakers are keen to expose their content to a global TV audience and with BFM you will discover a world of innovative independent film that will dazzle your viewers 


Our distributors have access to our catalogue in the weeks before and anytime after the expo, this is the period in which filmmakers can expect to start discussions and make deals.
BFM is not a festival it is a marketplace. To have your film considered for an award at our sister company, the Breaking TV Film Festival, you will need to submit separately to the festival.

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